Unlock the secrets to getting more clients & turn your coaching business into a money-making machine.

Teach Me How to Get More Clients🤩

Does this sound like you?


You started your coaching business with hopes & dreams of impacting lives & creating financial abundance for your family, but right now...


  • You’re struggling to get coaching clients no matter how hard you try...
  • That savings account you built for a "rainy day" is dwindling & you're starting to panic...
  • It feels like pulling teeth to even get people to ENGAGE with your account (let alone pay you)...
  • If you had a dollar for every time you heard “I can’t afford it” on a sales call you might actually have enough cash to pay off your high interest credit cards...
  • You’re starting to wonder if your coaching business is going to make it after all 😔

& then you meet me 😉

Does it feel like I’m reading your mind yet?! 

That’s because just a few years ago, I was in the exact place you are now.

Overwhelmed by the lack of results in my business.

Confused on what the “right” strategies were to get more clients.

& most all, being utterly & entirely #BROKE

(Seriously though - my sweet husband used to stand in the isle of the grocery store & calculate which carton of eggs were the cheapest per dozen 🥺)
But now, after extensive research & experimentation within my own business, I’ve finally cracked the code to getting more coaching clients & GUARANTEEING cash flow in my bank account every.single.month.

After years of investigating the best possible business + sales tactics in the online coaching space, I’ve identified the top 4 roadblocks online coaches are facing today that are keeping them from having a financially successful business...

Let me know if any of these resonate with you ⬇️⬇️⬇️

They are:

(1) Not identifying a clear, big, & painful problem that you can solve for your clients (aka - finding the RIGHT market to build your business in).

(2) Having an average & underwhelming coaching offer that blends in with the rest of your niche (this is leaving you vulnerable to being price shopped).

(3) Not having a proven-effective marketing strategy in place to attract ideal clients every single week

Or should I say 🤔 Fighting with the algorithm to get your content actually SEEN by your ideal client on Instagram.

Or what about 🧐 Being frustrated with trying to figure out HOW to actually find & attract your ideal client.

& lastly, (4) Having a hot-mess sales strategy that leaves you feeling discouraged & disappointed after yet ANOTHER potential client says “I can’t afford it.”

Or do I want to say: Figuring out how the heck to sell your coaching offer without someone saying, “I can’t’ afford it”


Does any of that sound like you?


If so, keep reading.
Because everything is about to change for you 

Like I said - after examining the data in my lab (aka - my home office with my 2 sidekicks → my pups, Memphis & Baker 🐶🐶)

I FINALLY unlocked the secret to turning ANY coaching business into a money making machine (including yours 💸)


& I proved these strategies to work by closing almost a quarter of a million dollars in my own business.


With a teeny tiny Instagram audience I might add.


Pssst! It's true what they say, you don't need a lot of followers to make a lot of money on Instagram #ChaChing 🤑


Solving the mysterious formula to building a successful coaching business wasn’t easy…but now that I know the secret ingredients, I want to share it with as many coaches as possible.

That’s why I created my coaching program.


A 6 month group coaching mentorship teaching you how to get more clients & turn your coaching business into a money-making machine GUARANTEED TO 2X YOUR INVESTMENT.
There are 4 main objectives inside of High-Ticket Powerhouse. Let me break them down for you:
Objective #1:

Make sure you're positioning your coaching niche to attract clients by solving a really big & painful problem.

Objective #2:

Create a high-ticket offer that is so irresistible, your ideal clients can’t wait to say “YES” to working with you!

Objective #3:

Implement a lead generation strategy that will bring you new potential clients every.single.week.

Objective #4:

Using a 3 step high-ticket sales strategy to fill your 1:1 coaching spots & earn consistent $5K-$10K months.

I'm ready to apply 🔥

Want to know what you’ll be learning every month in the program? I got you 😏

  • Turning your business over to God & letting HIM be the CEO (this a total game changer that isn’t talked about enough online)
  • Picking a coaching niche that SELLS
  • Doing Market Research
  • Outlining your Signature Framework
  • Creating your Irresistible Offer
  • Fine tuning your Irresistible Offer (we spend 2 weeks on this because your offer is the ENGINE of your business!)
  • Designing your “out of this world” sales pitch
  • Demonstrating a high-ticket sales call for you!
  • Mock sales calls - so you can PRACTICE pitching before you sell to a real potential client!
  • Auditing your Instagram profile (so your ideal client immediately clicks that “follow” button!)
  • Making sure your Instagram stories are captivating your potential clients attention
  • Learning the 11 different types of Instagram content + 2023 content trends


  • Understanding the ins & outs of a NON-ICKY DM Strategy that will help you master the art of talking to your ideal client on Instagram!
  • How to get calls booked with your ideal clients every single week
  • What to SAY in each phase of the high-ticket sales strategy to turn leads into paying clients!


  • Automating your Instagram growth (you can expect a minimum of 100 new REAL targeted followers per month!)
  • Creating even MORE warm leads by creating a free resource for your ideal client that will nurture your audience while you sleep!
  • How to map out an “out-of-this-world” free resource
  • Building your sales funnel
  • How to launch your new sales funnel
  • How to convert these new leads into paying clients
  • Fine tuning your custom KPIs
  • Goal setting for the next quarter!






Everything you get when you join

High-Ticket Powerhouse


6 Months Access To:
  • Pre-Recorded Video Trainings Walking You Step-By-Step Through How to Get More Clients & Earn CONSISTENT $5K - $10K Months In Your Business.
  • Live Weekly Group Business Support Calls to Answer All Your Questions As You Move Through the Course Modules.
  • The Student Slack Channel For Support + Answers to Your Business Questions, Monday - Friday.
  • Copies of all the sales scripts, lead spreadsheets, & other marketing + sales material to use in your biz
  • 100 Content Prompts Specially Tailored to Your Niche So That You Have Tons of Content Ideas in Your Back Pocket.

& let’s not forget… the BONUSES: 🤩

The FIRST 10 WOMEN to join Powerhouse will be invited to an All Inclusive Weekend Retreat in Sunny FLORIDA in January 2024! 🤩


Just cover your travel & I'll cover the rest 😉
 Including ALL of your:
  • Lodging
  • Food & beverage
  • Business Workshops
  • Professional brand photoshoot
  • & did I mention there will be an indoor pool?! (remember to bring your swimming suit! 👙)

PLUS! You'll also get...

★ Accountability From a Virtual Success Coach to Help You Stay on Track in the Program & Continue Implementing the Material.
1 Month of Instagram Growth Services Designed to Automatically Engage With Up to 30,000 Potential Leads Daily.

Hear from ACTUAL Powerhouse Students Themselves ⬇️


I'm want my business to be a money-making machine 💸

Frequently Asked Questions.

Teach me how to close $10K months💰

You’ve made it this far, coach.

So what’s it going to be?

Are you going to continue to try & duct-tape your business together, hoping that “someday” you’ll magically start getting more clients, even though the strategies you’re using right now are clearly already not working?

Or are you going to invest in your future success, become a POWERHOUSE coach, & turn your coaching business into the money-making machine it was always meant to be?

If you’re ready to trade in the life of desperate searching for clients & living paycheck-to-paycheck for the life of being an IN-DEMAND coach & financial abundance, then apply to High-Ticket Powerhouse by clicking the button below.

Let’s change your business (& your life), forever.